Creative Mini Skein Kit #1

Creative Mini Skein Kit #1

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• five (5) mini skeins of contrasting colors

Yarn: Wool & Palette Fingering, 112yd /103m per 25g mini skeins

KIT COLORS Light Denim, White, Narwhal, Crab Apple, and Pineapple.
Light Denim (dyed with logwood): 112 yds/ 103m
White (un-dyed): 112 yds/ 103m
Narwhal (dyed with tannic acid + acorns): 112 yds/ 103m
Crab Apple (dyed with cochineal): 112 yds/ 103m
Pineapple (dyed with orange osage): 112 yds/ 103m

*Pattern recommends one (1) full skein + one (1) mini skein of the main color

MIX & MATCH KITS use whatever colors are in stock.
Are you not seeing your favorite color combination? You are welcome to mix and match a custom kit. Go to the fingering weight yarn pages and build a la carte.