Pewter sport yarn, logwood, medium blueish gray, naturally dyed yarn, non-superwash, 312 yards, Merino/Rambouillet cross wool

Pewter Sport - Special!

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*Special note: This unique batch of sport weight was milled with a different yardage, and because of that, the price of each skein has been adjusted accordingly. The shift in yardage does not affect the quality of the yarn in any way. There are 226 yards in each of these skeins, so please plan your projects according to this updated yardage.

Dye material: Logwood

This 3-ply Merino/Rambouillet Sport is bouncy and elastic yet amazingly soft. And because it's non-superwash, there's a high fiber memory retention that exhibits crisp stitch definition.

• Wraps per inch - 14
• Merino/Rambouillet
• Length - 226yd / 100g 

Wool Facts
• Grown and milled in the U.S.

• Sheep are certified under the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)
• Non-Superwash, free of chlorinated compounds and polyamides
• 20-21 Microns means it's soft and perfect for wearing next-to-skin

Project Recommendations: Hats, mittens, socks, baby items, color work, and lightweight sweaters

Although the utmost care is taken to ensure the colors are consistent from batch to batch, no two are the same. Please purchase enough yarn at once to complete your entire project—alternate skeins to avoid color pooling. 

Images have been extensively color-corrected but may still vary between monitors.

Care Instructions
Hand wash in cold water with wool wash—dry flat.