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Why Natural Dyes

Row of mason jars filled with natural dye ingredients: weld, madder root, Hopi black dye sunflower seeds, cosmos flowers, cochineal, marigolds, and yellow onion skins on wood background
natural dye materials: black knight scabiosa, heather, lichen, weld, dried avocado skins and pits, and yellow onion skins on wood background

Gathering Color

We forage, grow and source our dye plants for year-round color availability. read more

woman holding a large handful of un-dyed non-superwash yarn


We partner with Shaniko Wool Company for our 100% Merino/Rambouillet. read more

woman pulls naturally-dyed yarn out of hot dye bath outside


It takes a significant amount of time and labor to produce naturally-dyed yarn. read more