The Wool

I knew early on that I wanted to partner with local ranchers because I believe passionately in investing in the local economy. In my search for the right partner, I was extremely fortunate to find Jeanne and Dan Carver from the historic Imperial Stock Ranch. In 2014, they were chosen by Ralph Lauren as the story behind the Made in America Olympic Uniform Program for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Jeanne’s latest effort is her more recently formed business named for Oregon’s most famous ghost town — Shaniko Wool Company. Shaniko represents the first and only ranches currently in North America that pass the annual rigorous 3rd party auditing process that gives them certification under the Responsible Wool Standard, developed by Textile Exchange. They are graded on land management, animal husbandry and all aspects of workers safety, education and training. 

Shaniko Wool Company’s family ranches have all been tending sheep for more than 100 years. They are carrying on the important work fundamental to the future strength of our planet. One of their noteworthy contributions is the care and diligence they bring to managing soil and rangeland health, resulting in increased yield, grazing capacity, and erosion reversal. Because of their work, surrounding wildlife and plant species thrive, and the local ecosystems benefit immensely. 

Shaniko Wool Company has launched an initiative that scientifically measures its producers’ carbon sequestration through a combination of soil and bio-based sampling, laboratory analysis and modeling. In fact, they bank significantly more carbon than they emit into the atmosphere. And with the fashion industry being responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, efforts from ranchers like these are paramount to the planet. I'm so incredibly proud to be using wool exclusively from Shaniko Wool Company.

Shaniko Wool Company, sheep, Responsible Wool Standard, RWS certfied

Photos used with permission, Shaniko Wool Company