Wool & Palette

Emily Lymm, owner of Wool & Palette

Hi, I’m Emily - the founder of Wool & Palette. I live in Portland, Oregon along with my husband and our 2 boys. 

I moved here from a small farming community in Michigan. As a child my mom propelled my love for craft by teaching me to crochet at age 7. When I was 9, my grandma bought me a sewing machine and then weaving kits for every birthday and Christmas thereafter. If you knew me you probably owned a pot holder or 5. It’s no surprise that when I took up knitting 12 years ago I dove in deep. It was a way to keep my fingers busy and my mind still. 

The last 16 years I've spent my days as a graphic designer, making brands and telling others’ stories. But my inner maker was pulling me in an unconventional direction. It wasn’t until the winter of 2020 that I realized sitting in front of a computer screen for 40 hours a week wasn’t working for me anymore. Luckily, all my years of researching color and design trends built the foundation for the very skills I would need to create my own line of naturally-dyed yarn.


Photography by Amaren Colosi © 2021