Wool & Palette

Emily Lymm, owner of Wool & Palette

I’m Emily, and I help conscientious makers build a symbiotic relationship with their craft by creating a hand-dyed yarn that exclusively extracts colors from nature. This yarn is both responsibly sourced and dyed in small batches to provide both the highest quality with the deepest color. Together, we engage in conscious change, ensuring that the journey of the fiber is sustainably created.

My responsibility is to change the way we make clothes.
There are many ranchers and farmers who are working tirelessly to make a better fiber at their own great expense. They are practicing regenerative farming through rotational grazing, erosion control, and biodiversity management. Carbon is sequestering back into the soil. I know this because the data proves it. Their animals are grazing in pastures and grasslands. They have access to shelter and are treated according to the industry's highest standards to avoid any undue stress. Those are the people and animals I invest in not only because it creates the softest fiber, but because it’s the right thing to do. I support local seed growers and dye distributors. I know them by their first names. I build a relationship based on trust so I can ask hard questions and know I am getting honest answers. 

Change is possible. By supporting Wool & Palette, you support all the other people in the chain of custody who believe in making a better fiber. And when you start with great fiber, there’s no need to chemically treat it with chlorine or coat it in plastic polymers to make it softer. And when it’s dyed with plants and naturally occurring metal salts found in soil and minerals, you are eliminating heavy metal, acid dyes from touching your skin. 

It’s a small change, but it takes a lot of people doing the right thing—the hard thing, to make that change.

Photography by Amaren Colosi © 2021