• Fiber of the Future

    That seems like a weird sentiment coming from a natural dyer, knowing that I’m using technology and materials available in the past.

    A whole slew of forward-thinking, innovative, and optimistic people catapulted us through the Industrial Revolution to our present-day Globalized economy. We’ve made enormous strides in innovation. But because of all that progress, we’ve lost sight of the health of our planet. And everyone is suffering immensely from the waste we’ve created.

    I’m not here to paint a picture of doom and gloom but one of hope and resilience.

    Here's why you should feel optimistic about the future.

  • Getting the most from tannins

    After several experiments of obtaining various shades of brown, I finally cracked the code for getting intense, dark tones from Black Walnut shavings.
  • Making vibrant green with natural dyes

    You would think that green, being such an abundant color in nature, would be an easy color to achieve through natural dyeing. In fact, it's much trickier. This is an overview of dyeing with weld and indigo. I include a few natural dye secrets I learned from a senior master natural dyer! 

    I hope you find this process as fascinating as I do. It's part art, part chemistry and a whole bunch of experimentation. 

  • What are microns?

    The mystique behind blended yarn, microns and what makes a certain yarn soft enough for close-to-skin wear.